The following activities are organized by the travel agencies and our hotel can not be held responsible for any kind of issues

Adrenaline their passion

Most free way with nature. The most experienced craftsmen in our pilot with 1950 meters Babadag pinnacle of yourself when you leave the bosom of the infinite heavens and laid the unique landscape Oludeniz will be your companion. Draw unique pictures in flight about 40 minutes, you will be able to share with friends your most precious memories. Please enjoy wings and fly like birds. A dream-like experience for paragliding without Oludeniz from the go.

Scuba Diving
Explore to under sea

Dive into the crystal clear waters of Fethiye, and see the many different variety of the marine life. There is also time to relax, swim, snorkel and sunbathe. You will take part in two dives, one in the morning which is at a depth of 0-5 meters where you will learn how to stay under the water. The second dive is after lunch which is at the depth of 5-7 meters. Both dives will be around 20-30 minutes depending on how fast you use your oxygen. A beautiful fresh buffet lunch, transfers, equipment, 2 dives and full supervision with qualified instructors are all included. Beginner and experience courses are also available. Even the whole family can come along and enjoy the day relaxing, sunbathing, swimming and snorkelling on our luxury boat with our friendly, entertaining staff as non diver.

Boat Trip
12 Islands Daily Boat Trip

Enjoy the romantic bays of the Mediterranean, where you can swim in the crystal blue water . Throughout the day you will stop in many places for around 45 minutes- 1 hour including Dockyard Island, Flat Island, Red Island, Göcek Island and Aquarium bay. Its suggested to look around carefully during the tour because you might have the chance to see the dolphins, and even the sea turtles! Flat Island is famous for the clear , dark blue and very shallow waters. There’ s a passing from the biggest island to the smallest which you can easily walk (1.5m depth).if you want, banana, ringo and water skiing is available.

Horse Riding
Like RedKid but not like a cowboy

If you like the idea of a quiet trek through the countryside this is a trip for you. A gentle guided ride on horseback lasting about two hours . With the option of two routes in the morning or afternoon. First option is through the forest in Kaya Village, second option is up into the mountains above to see the view of Blue Lagoon. This trip is for all riding abilities, riding experience is not necessary and hard hats are provided...

Mudbath Time

Discover the Natural beauty of Dalyan on a perfect day out on the river for all the family. Get ready to look 10 years younger when you visit the mud baths. The sulphurous mud should be applied all over the body and allowed to dry, then rinse off to leave your skin feeling cleansed and soft. Or take a dip in the mineral pools-both these rituals are said to have rejuvenating qualities that make you look younger! ASter lunch you will cruise down the bullrush lined delta, passing the 2300 year old Lycian rock tombs in the hillside above you on the way to the site of Caunos. Hopefully you will be lucky enough to feed the ‘‘Car etta Caretta’’ - Loggerhead Sea Turtle which are found in this area, or even spot a BLUE crab. This lazy day ends on the sandy beach of Iztuzu where you can swim, soak up the sun and relax on a beach famously known as a turtle breeding ground

Jeep Safari
Without Hunting Lion! For Just Fun

The first stop will be to the ruins of Tlos, where according to popular belief and local legends, the famous Pegasus (the winged horse) once lived. Next stop is Yakapark, which is a protected national park and famous for its fish farm. This is the best place to taste real Turkish pancakes and to see the fresh water running from the mountains, along with its beautiful tropical gardens. After visiting Yakapark, you will drive through the local villages where you are able to see the true Turkish village lifestyles, making your way to Saklıkent(Gorge). The gorge is the second longest canyon in Europe, with 18km length and 300 mt height. There is ice-cold spring water gushes down forming a raging river which you are able to cross with the help of a rope leading you into the Gorge where you can walk around and explore.

Quad Bike Safari
Quad Land

This dusty, muddy, fun packed half day adventure tour is designed for thrill seekers! Riding either solo or double, travel off road around Kayakoy, through forests and villages. The bikes are automatic but age limits do apply

SpeedBot Trip
Sounds exciting?

Why not  discover  the  bays  and  coves  around  the  coastline  of  Oludeniz by speed  boat.  Drive  or  be  driven  around the  wonderful blue  waters and relax  by  secluded  coves...

Kayaköy Ghost Town Trip
Ghost Town

Kayaköy, anciently known as Levissi is a village 8 km south of Fethiye in southwestern Turkey. In Roman ancient times it was a Greek-speaking city in the Lycia province. The townspeople were subsequently barred from returning by the 1923 Population exchange between Greece and Turkey. The ghost town, now preserved as a museum village, consists of hundreds of rundown but still mostly standing Greek-style houses and churches which cover a small mountainside and serve as a stopping place for tourists visiting Fethiye and nearby Ölüdeniz.Its population in 1900 was about 2,000, almost all Greeks; however, it is now empty except for tour groups and roadside vendors selling handmade goods. However, there is a selection of houses which have been restored, and are currently occupied.